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Short description of the app/service

This solution aims to progressively develop a complete end-to-end multimodal transport monitoring system based on the use of an Electronic Seal device already developed by the company ARQUIMEA. The Electronic Seal device is to be used on containers to keep them securely closed and monitored thanks to a variety of sensors measuring humidity, movement, pressure or external and internal temperature. It is able to communicate with a Base Station that acts as a gateway to the network, making use of different technologies for communication such as satellite connection or 3G/4G. The Base station also makes use of a GPS module to provide positioning information about the containers. The system will be used by logistics companies as a safe door-to-door monitoring tool for their containers. Sea and dry ports as well as custom authorities will also benefit from the automated processing of tasks, such as loading and unloading containers and tracking them This information is stored in cloud servers so that all actors involved in the process may obtain access to it.

Problem being addressed / business opportunity / USP

A large number of containers are lost every year. Lost or opened containers represent big losses for logistics and insurance companies. Solving these problems would help reduce financial losses as containers would be more difficult to get lost or opened without authorization. Most of the sea and dry ports still manage shipment information manually. This is difficult and prone to errors. Nevertheless, the work required to manage the thousands of containers that arrive every day in different ports across the world can be automated, reducing both the time and cost involved in the process. However, the existing solutions in the market do not offer most of the advantages that this solution can provide, i.e. continuous monitoring, real-time location and status of the goods, with alerts about any unscheduled incident. This is an integrated solution that can be progressively implemented for different agents in the transportation chain, thereby facilitating its adoption.

For logistics companies and their customers it provides greater security for the transported goods. It also provides valuable information on the position and state of the goods to the final customer. For customs authorities it facilitates the process, as the device itself is designed to provide a Cargo Manifest indicating the content, origin, destination, etc. of the shipment This manifest has to be signed with a certificate to guarantee its content.

The Team

Full-time team members:

Álvaro Reina – PM, Software Engineer

Julio Cano – Software Engineer

Vicente Giménez – Software Developer

Part-time team members:

Ramiro Cabás – Business Manager

Marcelo Collado – Hardware Engineer

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