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CROWDSOLVING is a way to successfully involve citizens in addressing important public problems by launching an innovative IT platform that enables e-participation. The population, who are usually not active citizens, will find it an easy way to become engaged.

CROWDSOLVING is a way to make a creative connection between issues which seem to be incompatible; it is an innovative forum to exchange ideas and possible solutions connected with social microfinance which can have a real impact on the implementation of these ideas. All the elements are combined into an innovative IT platform that enables e-participation in local government focused not on “talking” but on finding possible solutions and on implementing them in real life.

CROWDSOLVING is a simple system based on three steps. First step – the idea – consulted, discussed and reviewed with other members of the local community. Second step – the expertise – expert assistance, support and knowledge to support citizens’ initiatives. The experts will be registered in the system and may be ‘hired’ by the users. Third – the implementation – flexible funding ideas, which increase the chances for successful implementation of the ideas.

We also plan to enable local governments to integrate with our service their open-to-citizens public funding mechanisms, especially participatory budgets. It will facilitate a new solution: combining private and public money together.

The idea of CROWDSOLVING is based on building a web-based platform, using modern FIREWARE technologies, such as PROSA, GIS Data Provider, Security Monitoring and POI Data Provider. The system strengthens and improves communication between citizens, organizations and local authorities. The IT platform uses technologically advanced communication and participation modules, e.g. project working groups, expert support and the use of social media to promote ideas. The presented solution goes a step further: it shows opportunities and gives people the tools to fund even the boldest ideas.

The Team

Bartosz Wilk: Web 2.0 and marketing specialist

Izabela Szeląg: e-Government specialist and policy researcher

Rafał Olszowski: IT manager and policy analyst, active in SMEs, NGOs and research institutions

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