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Short description of the app/service

VENTO.TV helps small local retailers to provide a personal service to their clients in their neighborhood or city, thereby strengthening loyalty and building trust as well as providing a new service to customers with reduced mobility.

VENTO.TV is designed to increase online and offline sales. The tool enables a personal and instantaneous relationship between visitors to a website and the business behind it through video conference and chat in real time, while allowing the visitor to stay anonymous if preferred. This represents a good opportunity to guide customers as the shopping experience offered to consumers has become a key element of sales strategy. The solution is available in mobile, tablet or desktop, allowing sellers to show their products in real time from anywhere. As a call centre, it also provides additional value in the way of remote technical support/services. Installation and management of the system is done autonomously by the customer and the investment and price per license is very low.

Problem being addressed / business opportunity / USP

Small and medium-sized enterprises, neighborhood businesses and small retailers have been losing competitiveness against the big brands. In addition, the development of Internet searching and purchasing has changed shopping habits dramatically, impacting in particular on those small businesses. On the one hand, this situation is forcing many businesses to close; on the other hand it is essential for a society to offer a variety of products and services, and to have them close at hand.

VENTO.TV was created based on the observation that some commercial sectors had successfully integrated online /ecommerce selling, while others were struggling to do it. After analyzing different markets and products, we identified a confidence problem on the customers’ side towards communication and online buying processes. We decided to develop a commercial channel, more personal and rich in information, thereby reducing the barriers between consumers and sellers.


VENTO.TV is a tool that boosts sales and customer support from online channels. It allows a business to put an access “button” on its website so that with a simple click (no download or login or data necessary) any visitor to their page can access the vendor / consultant / business agent by videoconference while the customer remains anonymous. The agent can give advice, show products, move around the store, make offers, demonstrations, etc.

The Team

Full time dedicated founders:

Alberto Bambala, COO,

Jesús Robledo, CTO,


Part-time founders

Álvaro Rojo, CEO,

Germán López, CMO,

Eduardo de la Orden, CFO,

Jonas Andersson, Product Manager,

Cesar Gamboa, Developments Director & R+D


Full time employees:

Silvia Mora, Sales & Marketing,

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