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Short description of the app/service

Findster is an innovative tracking system with no associated monthly costs. It consists of two modules available in two different versions – Findster Kids and Findster Pets. At the center of Findster’s ecosystem is the wireless communication established between a child/pet module and a guardian module, made possible through its proprietary RF protocol which offers a maximum range of 1km.

The Smartphone app includes information such as geolocation in real time, definition of zones and safety routes, activity measurer and alerts in the case of falls and panic. The fourth element called Basestation works with the same RF protocol and was designed to be placed at strategic points such as homes or public places. In addition to having a higher RF range, its Wi-Fi connection allows the connection between the system and the cloud, interconnecting the modules and the smartphone

The system also has a Web console that offers a connection to the cloud and further enhances connectivity and interactivity of the user with the Findster ecosystem.

Problem being addressed / business opportunity / USP

More than 8 million children are reported missing per year around the world. According to several studies, the first three hours after the child goes missing are the most crucial in finding the child safely. At the same time, 1 in 3 pets gets lost at least once in their lifetime, and, 90% are never found or returned. Currently, there are two types of children/pet tracking systems on the market based on two different technologies: Bluetooth and GSM. Bluetooth-based systems have no monthly costs but their range is limited to about 50 meters, and GSM-based systems are dependent on mobile network coverage, requiring monthly payments.

Findster’s greatest advantage is that it does not require any extra fees; customers pay for it once and can use it forever, without any restrictions. Besides this competitive advantage, several features make it the most complete GPS tracking system on the market: the system consists of two modules, and the communication between them is made by a proprietary RF protocol, allowing a maximum range of 1km. Findster intends to enter the non-fee tracker market but with an action radius comfortable enough to be used with children and pets. The USP is to combine a wide range with low cost maintenance of the system.

The Team

David Barros, CEO (

Paulo Fonseca, CTO (

Luís Paula, hardware (

Gabriel Blard, firmware (

André Ferreira, design (

João Magalhães, marketing and communication (


Consultants :

Virgílio Bento (

David Dieteren (

Márcio Colunas (

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