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Integrating Seniors in City Urban Environments

Short description of the app/service

InCT is a service intended to make cities more inclusive and welcoming for senior citizens, thereby improving their quality of life in urban environments. It has situational awareness capacities made possible by integrating surrounding IoT data and delivers customized access to relevant events and tailored offers. One of InCT’s differentiating features is that it also provides senior citizens with a valuable set of ehealth services for FREE.

InCT health features are designed to be compatible with any standard Bluetooth data collecting device quantifier or sensor (wristbands, watches). There is no need for expensive specific devices. Additional important features are data encryption and privacy protection and the integration of city sensor data in the activity tracking information and intelligent algorithms. In a similar way, senior citizens will be able to receive information about urban leisure activities that could be of interest to them, with the ultimate aim of making the city more welcoming and inclusive for them.

Not only does the service empower senior citizens in relation to their personal health data, both real time and historical, via any Smartphone, web browser or Smart TV, the InCT interface is specifically customized and designed for them, with larger icons, high contrast fonts and simple and clear design. The service also offers them the opportunity to share their data with their doctors or relatives and to communicate through InCT.

The target users are made up mainly of senior citizens in good health between the ages of 65 and 85 years. InCT will be offered free of charge to them and will be profitable thanks to their customers (physical and online retailers) delivering special offers, discounts and loyalty programmes tailored to the needs of the final users.

Problem being addressed / business opportunity / USP

Senior citizens are a broad societal group with specific health needs. A large number of them are concerned about their health and are owners of home health monitoring kits. A good number of them suffer from impaired eyesight which leads to the rejection of complex computer/mobile interfaces. Seniors citizens are recommended to maintain a certain level of daily physical activity and in addition are more sensitive to pollution, cold, heat and other environmental conditions than the rest of the population. They do not feel fully welcome in urban environments, where hostile conditions and the fast pace of life tends to keep them away. On the other hand, they do not want to live imprisoned in their own homes. An increasingly large segment of the senior citizens market has the financial means to remain independent in their later years and wants to enjoy life and take advantage of what they consider is best for them.

InCT offers a unique value proposition for this target market and features a unique set of technical innovations, including:

  • the use of advanced techniques and algorithms for monitoring and activity tracking
  • the integration of real time information coming from the IoT city sensors and event feeds
  • support of Open Standards and any compatible user device (no vendor lock in)

utmost respect of data privacy.

The Team

Roberto Gimenez (full-time), CEO, business and market developer and financial manager for InCT

Shangyuan Tian (full-time), marketing and internationalization support

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez (part-time), doctor and general practitioner, validating InCT from a medical perspective and regarding its user friendliness

Dr. Angel Iglesias (full-time), SW architect, FIWARE expert, responsible for the development of the service and coordinator of the implementation, testing and validation

Dr. Konstantinos Demestichas (part-time in-house consultant), artificial intelligence and machine learning expert, in charge of the data, trend analysis and intelligent algorithms

Gonzalo Pajares (full-time), SW developer and biomedicine expert, supporting the technological developments of the project

Miguel Xoel (full-time), engaged in SW development aspects of the solution.

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