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The best way to achieve sustainability is to make durable alternatives the easiest option.

We explored why most people still prefer private cars to public transport and identified a gap in existing initiatives to improve the passenger experience. Basically, it comes down to a missing link between online planning for a trip and actually boarding the vehicle in the real world.

We also discovered that it’s hard to fix this; typically public transport perators have to deal with a complex legacy of ticketing systems, whereby it’s difficult to keep pace with the innovationdemanded by end-users. However, because we can focus all our efforts on this specific problem, we do have a solution. It’s called Eurides.

Eurides is a platform created to rapidly deploy innovation by public transport operators. They will be able to use Eurides to offer mobile ticketing to their end-users, without the need for big project investments or changing their legacy systems.

Moreover, Eurides will use the strength of the 1000’s of App Developers who are typically very strong in the area of route planning &timetables. Eurides will enable them to enrich their application with fare calculation and buying the right tickets on the spot. All without having to worry about the difficulties that lie underneath.

Eurides’ mission is to seduce as many citizens as possible to leave the car at home and to enjoy public transport, thereby enabling a small step in the long-term dream of a sustainable Europe.

The Team


eurides1Roeland Vanrenterghem: Innovative business manager, experienced in public

transport operations,partnerships, marketing, sales and finance and B2B products.



eurides2Tom Broos: Co-founder, technical solution architect, ambassador of the user, focused on analytics &optimization.

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