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FI-Sonic is made up of a network of sound-capturing devices, capable of geo-locating, identifying and characterizing a set of different audio sources and events in the city, by taking advantage of FIWARE: Future Internet Open Platform. The project aims to develop the necessary low-cost technology to capture and process audio signals in city environments. Each capturing device has the capability of detecting the direction of the sound sources in a 3D noise environment. The sound devices connect to the Orion Context Broker and produce continuous context updates with relevant audio information. These updates are then made available to users that utilize the information to build/update dynamic city noise maps or to collect information for other systems, such as video surveillance.

The Team


etc1Joel Paulo: Manager of audio and acoustic division, professor at ISEL, consultant at ETConcept, PhD

in audio and acoustics engineering.



etc2Pedro Fazenda: CTO, professor at ISEL, co-founder of ETConcept, PhD candidate at MITPortugal.




etc3Tiago Oliveira: CEO and senior hardware engineer, co-founder of ETConcept.

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