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xCityWears is a platform for local government on which a technology user decides how to show and load all smart city information that is saved on the FIWARE Cloud and incorporate this information into a smartwear device: Google Glass, SmartWatch, SmartPhone, iWatch and so on. In the smartwearables devices world, we can find several architectures and manufacturers. This is inconvenient for a developer company which seeks to develop a product because one solution must be developed fitting the specifications of each kind of smartwear. We therefore intend to develop an intermediate engine that translates and integrates all smart city information into all kinds of smartwear device.

The Team


user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9David Rey de la Cruz: Technicaldeveloper




enoges2Javier Garrido Diaz: Project manager and team leader at EnogésConsultores, a technology

enthusiast and geek of all kinds of devices.



enoges3Mª José Vicente Neira: CEO of EnogésConsultores, S.L.




enoges4Tino Hernandez: CEO ofEnogésConsultores, S.L.

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