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Humanity Online is a community level project management tool enabling multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Humanity Online’s aims to transform the way societies interact, gain trust, achieve common goals, innovate market solutions and govern themselves.

It pursues this goal by providing a holistic solution which powers crowdsourcing data, ideas and action (based on FIWARE/NGSI standards) in a project management environment that understands project management from a community point of view. The platform will facilitate multi-stakeholder, cross sector collaborations that enable communities to work together to achieving common goals. The solution will also incorporate a social platform that gives the social web a new paradigm of interaction: connecting regular internet users with their communities’ real time landscapes of change and connecting their networks with their real life projects.

The Team

The team is an international team that brings together expertise in society, business and technology.

Sholi Loewenthal: CEO of Humanity Online, designer of, project manager and responsible for business and strategic development. Previously a multi-stakeholder partnership developer at Time & Talents Westminster, then Head of Comms, Web & IT at One Westminster. His years of academic research examined the role of technology in nurturing the nexus of government, civil society, business and NGOs in the context of a globalising world.

Guillaume Grenet has strong expertise in developing numerous systems, and extraordinary insight into architecture, data and team management. CTO of a startup offering a logistics management collaboration solution in the fashion industry; previously a SAP Domain Service Manager. Amichai and Feras brings expertise in bringing technology products successfully to market both public and private sector, whilst Shir has a strong full stack programming skills and an aptitude for the iterative approach and problem solving.

Adrian and Tamara provide expertise on business planning and strategy, market research, market analysis and product and service pricing. Gary and Shlomo bring corporate expertise to the company, ensuring that the business runs smoothly and Gareth provides insight into partnership building at a community level.

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