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City-e-SENSE: City –enabler– for Smart sErvices in a citizeN-Sensors Environment

City-e-SENSE aims at increasing the quality of the Smart City experience by exploiting the public’s potential to act as sensors immersed in a social Smart City environment. Smart City tools and applications rely on unstructured data sets, typically Open Data published by Public Administrations (PA), whose features are often incomplete and inconsistent.

Business stakeholders operating in the area are interested in understanding and tracking the public’s social activities /purchasing habits and obtaining feedback. The added value lies in the valuable information that the public as-sensors can yield. However, this significant social potential is not yet fully exploited. City-e-SENSE intends to fill this gap in the municipality of Florence, Italy, by developing a technological platform (developed on the basis of FIWARE Generic Enablers) to collect actions and feedback from registered citizens (through mobile devices and iBeacon proximity tools), as well as by gathering passive data (acquired from the new generation of smartphone sensors), while fully respecting privacy policies and terms of use.

The data thus acquired from the public will be processed and stored in semantic repositories reconciled with existing datastores, builton geolocated Open Data provided by the local PA, such as: traffic and parking conditions, mobility, public transport, tourism, commercial operators, health, weather, points of interest, etc. The City-e-SENSE mobile App will be delivered free of charge for use by the whole community. Business opportunities will come from providing an offer to commercial operators (PAs, transport services, restaurants, shops, car parks, tourist offices, etc.) by providing, as part of a paying web service, profiles of users accessing commercial activities of interest, customized analysis (access monitoring, purchasing habits, temporal trends, previsions) as well as customized sensor sets for targeted analysis.

The Team


effect1Gianni Pantaleo: Senior developer and PhD




user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Marco Serena: Senior developer and PhD




effect3Nicola Mitolo: Company president

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