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4UTransport: System for real-time urban transport optimization.

4UTransport is a comprehensive platform for managing and optimizing all the resources related to public mobility in a SmartCity. 4UTransport will act as a system for collecting and delivering all the information related to the different systems of the city’s public transportation network and make it into useful information for use by the population. 4UTransport will be accessible through a simple and intuitive mobile application which will help any member of the public to view and interact in real time with the available information generated by all the transport services of their city.
The platform will collect the data from the different network sensors deployed across the city into a unified architecture system. Once 4UTransport has been processed the data will be distributed in an easy manner to the population through a mobile app. Public stakeholders and governments will have access to all the information about their city’s public transport that will in turn allow them to offer any kind of service to the population.

The Team

Victor Pérez Tapia: Team Leader (technical architect) senior software developer

Elena Muñoz Andrés: Co-founder, administrative manager with a BA degree in IT

Sonia Martin Hernández: Co-founder, project manager and IT teacher with a BA degree in IT

Álvaro Benéitez Martín: Business and Marketing Manager, product development.

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