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The idea is to create a mobile marketplace for sports equipment and devices that people are not using any more with the unique and differentiated offer that you can rent your sports equipment with a GIS system near you. Dosfit is therefore a unique marketplace where you can buy, rent or sell sports equipment by geolocation.
It addresses both the C2C market, e.g. for buying and selling bikes, and also the B2C market, e.g. shops which have their own second hand bikes.
The idea is to create a mobile marketplace specializing in sports goods and equipment without the hassle of browsing through multiple websites. However, it is much more than this, because Dosfit is the only marketplace where you can rent your bike or sports equipment.
Thanks to these multiple features, the user can decide whether he/she wants to buy, rent or sell. Dosfit therefore:
— gives unique value to customers by offering them the chance to try out before buying;
— earns money for users by renting out their unused sports equipment;
— allows users the possibility to practise sport anywhere without their own equipment or start a new sport without spending too much money.

The Team

– Noelia Fuentes Guerra: CEO & CMO with more than two years of experience in online marketing and social media marketing, in addition to more than 15 years’ experience in sales and business development.
– Víctor Ortega Pérez: CFO & android development. PMP and computer engineer, with more than 10 years’ experience in information and communications technology (ICT) and more than 5 years in European projects from Framework and Celtic-Eureka programs.
– Sergio Morales Añibarro: CIO & IOS development. Computer engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in the ICT sector and a long background consulting and programming oriented to mobile devices; has worked on ad-hoc developments for large customers and in R + D projects.
– Jose Antonio Gallego Salinas: CTO & Windows phone development. Computer engineer with solid knowledge of software development methodologies and techniques, especially those related to the mobile ecosystem.

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