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Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic aims to spread bicycling and the many benefits thereof to the whole of Europe.

We do this by providing a platform that makes it much cheaper and easier to manage bike-sharing fleets. At the same time, sharing bicycles based on the Donkey Republic system will enhance the user experience much more than any existing bike-sharing systems.

Donkey Republic consists of three elements; an electronic lock, an app and an online admin platform. The locks are cheap and can be put on any bike and the app is downloaded for free by the user. The admin platform makes it easy to manage the fleet of bicycles no matter if you are a small bike rental company, a university campus or a city that wants a bike-sharing system for use by citizens and tourists.

With Donkey Republic, there are no expensive docking stations which also means that the user can ride the bike to their final destination instead of being forced to park in a docking station and walk the rest of the way. By using geo-fencing and social networks we will crowd-source the relocation of the bikes as well as other functionalities.

The Team


donkey1Alexander HøstFrederiksen: CMO,who loves social entrepreneurship and bicycles.




donkey2Dara Kılıçoğlu: Rails back-end development and web services front end development; Ruby on

Rails developer and UX interaction designer.



donkey3ErdemOvacik: Managing director, responsible for business development, partnerships and

supply chain; an entrepreneur, business developer, sharing economy & crowdsourcing expert.



donkey4Jens Frandsen: CTO, responsible for implementation of firmware, Android and iOS Apps;

loves engineering and bikes.



donkey5Rune Kokholm: Product development and quality assurance, business development, creativity

and ideas.



donkey6Simon Søndergaard: Ad-hoc support with marketing and operations (part-time); managing director at Cykelven.

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