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Dynamic Marketing Roadmap (DMR) - tourism application for smart cities

Our intention is to develop a business-driven technological platform for visitors/tourists in smart cities.The platform works in cloud mode, appearing in a different way to the user depending on each city.-It will connect in real time with the visitor (via his/her smartphone), with local government and with the businesspartners (entertainment businesses, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.). It will offer a continuous interaction proposing activities, special offers, gifts…

We offer a transition from the traditional model, in which the visitor discovers the city thanks to the available information, to a model in which the city (its business and social actors) goes out to meet the visitor (where he is, what he has done, what his interests are, etc.). It offers a great opportunity for doing business for these actors with a personal marketing model and in real-time, meaning

– higher earnings per visitor

– an increase in visitors/tourists by offering a different, unique experience.

The platform will be developed integrating FIWARE and applying Divisa iT technology within a cloud model which allows a scalable cost (the platform is identical for all the cities, whiile the appearance / environment is customized for each). The technology and our experience assures robustness, scalability, flexibility, ease of use (usability) for the business and social partners and confidentiality with the information which is shared by the visitors.

The platform guarantees use by visitors because it gives them access to suggestions, games, promotions, special offers, gifts, etc. It can be used by others devices (display panels, multimedia kiosks) and is open to other strategies to promote customer loyalty. The business is easily sustainable and substantial profits can be obtainedby increasing the number of cities and business partners. It is intended that revenues will be earned from

– local governments via fixed annual paymens.

– business partners via fixed annual payments as well as a percentage of revenues generated by the platform.

The Team


divisa1Alvaro de Miguel Bernáldez: Co-founder, holds various responsibilities in management

and innovation, degree in physics and MBA.



divisa2Bruno González Baixauli:Senior product development engineer, computer science engineer.




user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9David Pérez Serrada: Senior product development engineer with a degree in physics, senior developer.




user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9David RodriguezAlfayate: CTO and senior telecommunications engineer.




divisa5María José Orive: Senior product development engineer, computer science engineer.

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