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SMART MATCH – Smart Mobile Vendor Matching

With FIWARE we will bring the world’s first Open Source implementation of mobile Vendor Management to Smart Cities.

The SMART MATCH mobile app will guide mobile users from outdoors to an indoor location at the point of sales or interest with the support of Beacon Tags. Adding Beacon – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sensor Data with FIWARE in Smart Cities will give us a better picture of the users context. This leads to better matching between user demand and offers. SMART MATCH users will be routed to vendors depending on the best matching context, the best offer and with full control of privacy.

Furthermore, with SMART MATCH we are returning power to the customer: they can announce their interest, and selected vendors will be invited to send their offers by a given deadline in response to the need and context. Overall, this is more economic and less data-intensive than today’s CRM driven targeting.SMART MATCH will provide a mobile service that gives mobile users full control over every stage of this matching process. They can decide when, where and from whom offers will be received.

Vendors (retailers or public authorities) will also benefit from SMART MATCH: offers can be routed to customers depending on demand and location. They will therefore be able to save on adverstising costsand increase their sales efficiency.

The Team


digital1Mirko Ross:CEO, open source evangelist and member of the Internet of Things Council.

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