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WSSN, World Sport Social Network

The project is based on a FIWARE App that will be used as a management system for sporting events that will help to keep a systematic overview of the players, teams, facilities, championships, etc. Sports and competitions are an important part of life in smart cities. They directly affect the quality of life and the smart mobility of citizens who require and demand sporting activities for all ages. At present, the world of amateur sport and competitions is not digitalised and it is not possible to see the results of amateur games held in neighbourhoods even though these events do have a very important social impact because sons and daughters, siblings, family members and friends are taking part and being followed and supported. A lack of players is also quite frequent, as is the fact of not knowing where you can go to take part in a sporting event. WSSN will create an important social network thanks to this nucleolus and it will allow members to relate with each other in order to create and design teams and championships, and develop local trade by making it possible for them to offer their products and services connecting supply and demand in real time and through geo-location, therefore making smart mobility easier in smart cities. This will be done by using the open data available in towns and connecting to social networks to increase impact. The tool will be free for sports centres and end users. It will be financed by sponsorship rankings, Premium access of organising organisations and advertising. The system will be multi-platform in order to make it easy for all users to access it and it will use big data technologies to offer new services based on the huge amount of information that will in turn be generated. It will also promote local trade and improve accessibility to the digital world.

The Team

Juan Ortells holds a degree in Business and an MBA. He is specialised in financial and marketing issues with a deep technological background and is the CEO of a communications company.

Dolores Ordóñez is specialised in European projects and funds smart cities and sustainable development. Currently, she is working for different regional and national Olympic Committees and is involved in sports projects.

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