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CoRe – Consumer Revolution

CoRe - Consumer Revolution

CoRe is a collective awareness platform, using a mobile app to give consumers detailed information on products. It then sells data collected from its users to companies in an effort to help them to adapt production practices to appeal to informed consumers.

The complexity of products’ components and production chains in a modern and globalized world is overwhelming, making consumers highly susceptible to immediate product differentiators (price, promotions, advertising). Companies are aware of this and compete to make products as cheap as possible, often at the expense of the environment, human rights and consumers’ health. CoRe intends to change that.

For users (B2C), it is a platform not just for information, but for activism, allowing users to transmit their (anonymized) profile, preferences, behaviour and final choices in the form of Big Data as a direct financial incentive for producers to adapt to their – informed – demands.
CoRe enables consumers to make informed choices by translating and simplifying labels and conveniently allowing them to personalize the app: this way, ‘grades’ on products are in direct alignment with their own preferences. Price, promotions and advertising will then be of less relevance to guide consumers’ choices.

For our clients (B2B), it is a great enhancer of the quality of their market studies. Offering complete and validated data on consumers, CoRe will allow brands, retailers, marketers, product developers, governments, etc. to significantly increase their RoI. This is of great value to businesses: the data we collect will allow companies to perceive the consuming patterns in much more detail than any market study ever could.
(But brands cannot advertise on our platform, and so the only way to improve their image within CoRe is to actually improve their production practices.)

CoRe’s ultimate goal is to empower consumers to collectively “vote with their wallets” to change the market’s dynamics – and monetize on that change!

The Team

Guilherme Serodio: CEO and project manager with a focus on business, sustainability, international advocacy and development, community building and collective intelligence.

Diana Serôdio: CCO, political analyst and business development expert

Christian Willems: CTO and transformation expert with decades of experience, helping advance progress and innovative thinking in business and society.

Frederik Kaputa: Solution/technical architect, using common sense when building frameworks and selecting the appropriate technologies.

Giovanni Rapacioli

Andrea Belloni

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