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CoolFarm positions itself on the market as a high quality, highly flexible and disruptive product designed for farming. CoolFarm aims at providing agriculture with new means of production, thereby improving the quality of the produce that reaches the final consumer while improving the business performance of agricultural companies – i.e. taking agriculture into the future!

Designed to nurture plants by controlling several environmental variables that have a direct impact on plant growth, Coolfarm provides them what they need, when they need it! This state-of-the–art Plug&Play solution, has established a new benchmark for different types of cultivation (e.g. hydroponic, aeroponics, aquaponics, bioponics or even soil) making control easier and more intuitive, optimised in terms of plant growth and resource management, and as a result, more profitable!

CoolFarm technology can be directly applied to two distinct markets: hydroponic greenhouses which encompass hydroponic and aquaponic urban greenhouses; and micro-algae reactors which are used to manufacture biofuels, and in the food and cosmetics industries.

The solution proposed addresses a number of global challenges and contributes to increasing the urban agriculture market. It enhances the expansion of the biofuel market that still lacks the means to be efficient; it increases production in industrial greenhouses; it supports precision agriculture; and it makes a contribution to attaining global food targets by 2050.

The Team

Gonçalo Cabrita: Co-founder & CEO (PhD researcher in robotics)
Liliana Marques: Co-founder & CAO (Post-doctoral researcher in steel and mixed construction technologies)
João Igor: Co-founder & CDO (Graduate, web & mobile leader)
Eduardo Esteves: Co-founder & CCO (Graduate, creative, illustrator and graphic designer)
Sabrina Carvalho: Agriculture & plant sensing specialist (Post-doctoral researcher in agriculture & plant sensing)
Bruno Gouveia: Software developer (researcher in robotics)
Henrique Macedo: Senior web designer (graduate)
Carlos Nunes: Marketing & business expert (Master in marketing)
Alexandre Pinto: Mobile strategy advisor
Ricardo Roque: Intellectual property advisor
João Loureiro: Biology & hydroponics Advisor
Bernardo Raposo: Web strategy advisor
Cem Kozinoglu: Marketing & business advisor
Rodney Klassy: Business advisor

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