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Bubble it!

Short description of the app/service

Bubble it! is a real time location-based communication application creating a community that is providing live-information about their vicinity. It serves the vision of a connected city, based on the possibility for users to post information about places on a map, communicate with other users and even meet in reality. The user interface is a mobile optimized map, adapting in real time to current events. Users can post those events by simply placing a so called bubble, describing the event with pictures, comments and videos. A bubble does not only contain information, but also provides a communication forum to connect with the people at a certain location. Depending on the users’ engagement, bubbles either grow in their relevancy and visibility or slowly shrink and eventually disappear. Bubble it! transfers the live character of the world into a digital product to display reality in the digital world.

Problem being addressed / business opportunity / USP

There is no easy way to discover events and interact with people in your direct vicinity in real time. It is almost impossible to find out about events that are currently happening and to interact with the people at the actual event if you do not know them beforehand. People have the desire to communicate with others that share similar values or interests. However, the local surroundings get lost in the mass of global information and there is no possibility to filter it down to local news, based on time, place and personal interest.

Bubble it! is the next evolutionary step in location based communication. The aspect of displaying events and showing them in real time to the users has never been implemented in such a concise concept. It is the first service to provide real time crowd-sourced information on a simple user interface like a map and makes information easily accessible. People can start interacting based on time, event and location. It is the moment which unites them, first digitally and eventually in person.

In addition, artists, bars and cafes are not able to reach the people in their vicinity. They still have to spend money for expensive, mostly unspecific offline advertising.  The business opportunity lies therefore in adding contextual advertisement based on time, location and interest paid by partners like artists, bars and local services.

The Team

Bubble it! is a team of four founders, of whom two are focused on developing the product (Björn and Nikolas), one focused on the product concept (Witali) and one who is in charge of community building and marketing (Tim). Each founder has already gained relevant entrepreneurial experience. Björn and Nikolas are two electrical engineers. They have both been working together as independent app developers for over 5 years. Björn is in charge of the general concept and architecture of the product, focusing on iOS and gamification. Nikolas is working on android and develops the server infrastructure. Witali and Tim studied business administration together and each gained experience afterwards in different startups located in Berlin. At bubble it! Tim concentrates on building up the community of engaged users and evangelists and optimizes possible marketing channels. Witali focuses on the overall concept, improving the user-experience and works on business development opportunities.

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