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SaaSi-FI - Opening SaaS market to hundreds of thousands of SME software companies in EU & worldwide

Today, product selling is being replaced by service selling. As consumers, we increasingly rely on subscription or pay-per-use services. Software vendors have tapped into this trend with Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS applies subscription, freemium and pay-per-use revenue models to give customers the flexibility they demand, using the Cloud. Using SaaS, SMEs can access solutions that only large enterprises could once afford to buy (and sell, in the case of software companies).

The SaaS sector is booming, with a total market expected to top €17.7 billion in 2015. Almost two-thirds of the revenue is generated in the SaaS enterprise application marketplace, where many SaaS solutions are sold. All the major web and desktop applications (Salesforce, Photoshop, Word) have been migrated to the cloud – a process known as SaaSification. However, entering the SaaS market is complex and expensive and thus inhibits the majority of small software vendors – approximately 300 000 SMEs in Europe and the USA representing a loss of €7.1 billion a year.

Indeed to deploy their software as a cloud-based SaaS application, software vendors must rewrite the code; select a cloud service provider; integrate their application into that provider’s platform; set up billing procedures; run tests; and monitor each customer’s installation.

ClouDesire is a game-changing enterprise application marketplace, which allows for easy and rapid SaaSification. Software vendors can now compete with the big players.

With ClouDesire, the ISV only needs to upload a ZIP file with the software source code and select the VM requirements for the application (taking 2 hours). ClouDesire automatically manages the application deployments, the billing to the customer, the software upgrades, etc. When purchasing an application from the ClouDesire marketplace, the customers select their preferred cloud provider and proceed to order the application (15 minutes).

With SaaSi-FI we aim to increase the flexibility required by the as-a-Service market.

The Team

Eddy Fioretti, CEO: eMBA @PoliMi, G&A, international experience, SaaS sales since 2011;

Andrea Vecchi, CTO: 4x Entrepreneur, 20+ years of programming, researcher @ Scuola Normale Superiore;

Giovanni Toraldo, Lead Developer: keen on cloud & open source, author of the book OpenNebula 3, system admin.

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