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Cemi Miranda


We propose designing a web application that will allow producers of waste and by-products to auction them to the highest bidder. Nowadays, the producer is obliged to consult several waste management companies in order to find the best rate for the removal of his waste. We simplify this task. On the same website, we will unify the capacity to publicize waste/by-products, while the waste management companies keep their anonymity as they make their offer. Not only do we solve the problem for the producer, but we also add more tools to optimize their work, such as making it possible for them to group together for a removal or to be able to opt for last-minute offers from the waste management companies.

The objectives of FIWASTE are to:

  • Put the waste producers and waste management companies in contact with each other;
  • 0ptimize the cost/profit for the producer and waste management company;
  • Improve the management of removals for the waste management company;
  • Put the information in the catalogue of managers and producers as OpenData;
  • Help the waste producer find other producers in the same area;
  • Obtain OpenData data for:

o         improving the experience of the management companies with data on time and breakdowns in real-time on the roads.

o         improving the experience of the users by giving them useful data such as waste disposal sites, removal of waste by the town council, etc.

  • The producer is empowered to provide and promote its by-products;
  • The producer is empowered to know and communicate with other producers of the same type of waste.
  • The waste management company is empowered to consult producers.

The web tool is therefore designed to help the producer to obtain improved response times for waste removals and at reduced cost, while the waste management companies will benefit from a tool that carries out the work of grouping removals together automatically.

We will use the innovative FIWARE cloud platform in order to benefit from its OpenSource code and be able to:

– Identify users and have security;

– Manage context date with the information on waste in real-time;

– Store historical data;

– Handle OpenData data from town councils and institutions and publish our own;

– Design mobile services in order to manage geopositioning, incidents and manage removals.

Potential users are in the thousands, as this is a service required by almost any SME.

The Team


cemi1David Ayala Dulanto: Consultant (CTME), a computer engineer with over 12 years in R&D.

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