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CARdio-FI – Pervasive ECG for the Automotive Industry

Technological innovation in the field of ubiquitous computing is revolutionizing how we, as individuals, perceive our own well-being and how that impacts on our relationship with the health professions. Indeed, the so-called Quantified Self movement has become a mainstream concept, enabling the continuous (or quasi-continuous) monitoring of key physiological indicators. For instance, countless devices are available, such as pedometers, heart rate monitors and sleep trackers, that empower individuals to self-manage their well-being taking an objective, evidence-based approach. One of the most popular tendencies in this field at the moment is the use of wearable devices, such as bracelets. However, this is not always practical, both in terms of user experience and technical requirements specific to the signals being monitored. One alternative is the integration of these physiological sensors into everyday objects, thus minimizing disruptions in the user’s routine. In this project we propose to develop a solution that allows the seamless measurement of the heart signal (the electrocardiogram – ECG) in a car steering wheel. Our system enables the detection of abnormal cardiac events, drowsiness and fatigue, as well as driver identity, which can raise the alarm in case any problem arises. This is complemented with FIWARE technology to deploy a SaaS solution, integrating contextual information from multiple sources, as well as allowing us to make our data processing algorithms available to other information sources.

The Team

Andre Lourenco – CEO;

Ana Priscila Alves – Font-End Development;

Carlos Carreiras – Back-End Development;

José Guerreiro – Hardware Development;

Rui Duarte – Hardware Development;

Ana Fred – Research/University Links.

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