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Short description of the app/service

Brooband involves the creation of a smart wristband which is open to developers and secure for users and able to perform tasks even disconnected from the phone. From their wrists, users will be able to track their biometrics, check their smartphones’ notifications, open doors, meet interesting people, receive customized coupons at stores, log their hiking or even make contactless payments, to name but a few examples It is compatible with open standards and offers a set of apps to start off, with the possibility of reaching agreement with other companies to offer more applications. Brooband is being marketed both as a retail product for final users and also as a customization service. This will allow companies to offer a similar product with their own branding and with their own apps and services. Some Spanish companies with a strong brand image have already showed interest in having their own branded product.

Brooband’s main objective is to become the reference tool for developers, companies, cities and governments to offer people new ways to improve their common tasks. A smart bracelet with the looks and the brains!

Problem being addressed / business opportunity / USP

There are already many smart wristbands on the market offering different services. Most of them are tied to specific applications powered by the same brand that creates the product (closed solution). This leads to the current situation where wristbands have many applications but the user needs a number of devices to cover them all. No device has become a market leader as far as the availability of applications is concerned.

The Brooband product is open and connected, but not tied to the services offered. Most products in the market concentrate their efforts on sports apps. While giving top class biometrics, Brooband also offers a range of sensors to allow precision route tracking and location, even indoors, Near Field Communications (NFC), and the ability to be social through an open API for third party development. Brooband therefore opens a wide new range of possibilities for users and developers. Freely available documentation about the development of apps for Brooband and strategic agreements to provide technical support to some software companies will be key to creating this ecosystem.

By 2019 there are expected to be 119 million of wearables worldwide. Although it is a very competitive sector with some interesting value propositions, Brookesia’s target is to reach 0.7% of the local market by 2016, selling at the unit price of 89,90€. Revenues are to come mainly from sales (both retail and big clients) but also from consultancy and support services, inner advertising, apps’ market fees and later on, from big data.

The Team

Marcos Vázquez – CEO & CFO
Jose Antonio Velo – CMO
Diego González – CCO
Óscar Barba – CTO Software
Pablo Rodiz – CTO Hardware
Luis Alvarez Sestelo – business advisor –
Marcos Romay Perez – Hardware design engineer
Nicolas Viaño Santasmarinas – Software design engineer
Alex Ferreirós Jamardo – User experience design engineer
Jose Antonio Martinez – Software design engineer
César Parguiñas Portas – Software design engineer
Olalla Rivera Márquez – Content strategy, offline and online marketing
Soraya Cid Picouto – Artistic direction
Jose Ramón Velasco Liste – Postproduction and 3D
And in Shenzhen
Wang Ensheng – Injection mould design engineer
Rita Yang – Contact window for some consumer electronics factories and logistics expert.

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