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BookerMate App works on a multi-sectorial platform where the users can find and instantly book any service they may need, through a desktop or a mobile device. BookerMate is a unique intermediating tool allowing a quick and effective matching between the demand (Consumers) and the supply (Professionals) of services for home repair, maintenance and remodeling, in-home care, and in the future wellness &fitness &beauty care, leisure &sports. Through technical features under patenting developed by the team, BookerMate App is able to make bookable, thanks also to its underlying Marketplace, all services by appointment with price and duration set in advance.

BookerMate App intends to deeply change the traditional approach to services concerning everyday life and the way they are run by companies. It will lead them to a new way of working, using a new tool for managing the work flow and shifting to the mobile web as a main channel for sales.

So far some competitor platforms are trying to address the same market as BookerMate, but there are still no leading organisations involved.

The Team


booker1Nicola Fratini: Creative and full-time committed entrepreneur.




booker2Sergio Dominici: Passionate developer and technologist, looking for technical challenges.

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