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Cities, now and in the near future, will continue to use cars as the main means of transportation. Even as we switch to electric cars, parking places are still a requirement of a well-functioning Smart City.

In Europe there is a big problem with finding available parking spaces, especially in cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants. There are more than 100 such cities in Europe.

We took on the challenge of parking automatization, by providing parking lots and garages with sensors that can be integrated in their current solution and help remove synchronization problems. Through this more accurate model of reality, we can provide both consumers and businesses with services and optimized processes which are not otherwise possible.

Businesses will be able to optimize their pricing based on real-time models, and consumers will find the parking lot that is right for their needs, where and when they need it.

The Team

Cristian Dascalu: Business development, entrepreneur

Lucian Cosoi: Product manager, architect

Andrei Saupe: Research

Eugeniu Arbuleac: Mobile

Dezso Gergely: Mobile

Sergiu Variu: Web development

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