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Making clean transport methods systems more comfortable, fast and above all efficient, to promote and bring its use to users, this will decisively contribute to transform polluted cities into green and increasingly more smart cities.
Globally, the most widespread form of transport that is environmentally friendly is the bicycle. It’s a simple and economical system, somewhat difficult to implement, but what would happen if we made its use more accessible?

Most of the bikes are equipped with simple security systems, i.e. common padlocks. These security systems work with a mechanical system, the key, but what happens if you forget your key?

We know this problem very well. We are located in the Netherlands, the land of bicycles, and there is no better place to understand the problem. Many times when you want to lock your bike it is difficult to find the keys or you may even have left them at home. Whatever the case, you never leave behind your mobile phone.

Something as simple as bringing your phone next to the bicycle lock to open it up would speed up and make easier the use of the bike and we could forget about keys forever. The lock works only with the residual energy of the phone, so the device itself will not have any kind of battery, making it even more environmentally friendly.

This technology applied to security systems is unhackable, so at the same time that the Lock&Go makes the use of bicycles more accessible and easy, it will also help prevent bicycle thefts, since 900,000 bicycles are stolen only in the Netherlands every year.

Apart from this, the Lock&Go app will feature a tracking system via GPS that will constantly send data to the cloud using FIWARE technology, once the lock has been opened. This adds a social value to the device: the user can track the route, and share the information with their friends.

The app will also give the user the possibility of sharing their bike, sending the location and permission to unlock it to another phone.

The Team

Aner Telletxea: Telecommunications Engineer, graduated in Telecommunications Engineering;

David Eugenio Pajares de Santiago: B2B & Marketing with a double degree in Business Administration and Public Relations Studies;

Javier Núñez García: Chief Technical Officer, graduated in Telecommunications Engineering;

Jon Zarraga Lizasoain: Mechanical Engineer, with a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering;

Jose Antonio Perez-Mariscal: Chief Operating Officer, graduated in Telecommunications Engineering;

Libe Aguayo Aguinaga: Business Communication, Advertising &Public Relations, with a Master degree in Corporate Communication;

Mauro Garcia: CEO and Founder, Telecommunication Engineer with a Master degree in Digital Electronics, Computer Engineer.

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