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Both elderly and cognitively challenged citizens are widely known to be facing difficulties in being self-reliant, both in their own home and in care homes, and that their disability prevents them from participating in social activities (World Alzheimer Report 2013). Over 1,000 citizens with dementia get lost in Denmark each year ( If we look at the same ratio for the EU-28 countries the total count will be 101,163. This is a substantial number, which cannot be ignored. It is known that the illness creates a mental barrier which prevents the sufferer from going outside the comfort zone of their own home, thereby leading to an increased feeling of isolation and making them (and their relatives) feel uncertain. The objective of the “Care to Sense” project is to increase the quality of life and self-reliance of this group of the population by providing structure and guidance in their daily lives, and prolonging their stay in their own home for as long as possible.

The project will develop a central platform to manage and exchange data between care applications around the elderly, in a real life context combined manner, represented as a “Flower model”. As a start, the applications, which are represented as flower petals, will consist of three applications: a real life context based GPS Guide and Tracker, Calendar and Event. The model’s unique GPS solution employs context and local awareness, and with the interaction with the other two applications, it will allow the GPS to detect a specific and personal route area where the person ought to be located at a given time. This will not only create more security, but also a more self-reliant citizen with the opportunity to manage his/her daily life on their own. Care to Sense is extremely user-friendly and does not require the elderly person to be an IT user him/herself; they need only to bring their smartphone with them and everything else will be taken care of.

The Team

Michael Pedersen: CEO & overall project management, including areas such as business & IT architecture development, marketing and sales.

Ulla Kirketerp Tastesen: UX Designer responsible for e.g. user testing, graphics, wireframes, specifications, and user centered design process.

Luan H. Nguyen: Programming Team Leader and expert in .NET PHP & Native App technologies, supervises the team of developers.

Nhu T. Mai: QA Manager, leads quality assurance of the specifications and manages the testers.
Ninela M. Sinanovic: Project Leader responsible for areas such as market and competition analysis and strategy development.

Flemming Rasmussen: External Consultant with more than 25 years as a professional care solution provider and former manager of Tunstall AB, STT Condigi A/S and Eglu A/S.

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