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Appinclusive arose from a request by some people from the hospitality industry. It involves a solution that brings customer satisfaction (for the traveller) because of the personalization and quality of service, not forgetting the necessary goal of raising revenue to make the implementation of the solution sustainable, by offering hotel products and services and displaying the attractions of the establishment (facilities, events and activities, hotel information, environment, services, etc.).
The working environment of entrepreneurs means that the technological innovation is based on mobile devices and the use of technology as an accelerator of business intelligence, which are key to enabling the solution that meets the initial objectives and is framed within the needs the hotel industry.
We therefore opt for a solution that integrates two types of users:
• the operator of the hotel who monitors and analyses the activity and supply-oriented customer satisfaction, increasing average sales and strengthening brand image;
• the customer, using a friendly and almost own environment (BYOD), a mobile application, perceiving service quality, satisfaction and loyalty and therefore consumption driven by the compatibility of the offers received with their preferences (tags) and through a sales channel (mobile) which is demonstrably impulsive and controlled.

Appinclusive is a smart solution that concentrates your holiday into your pocket, and manages the hotels operations through a direct communication tool with the customer.

The Team

Jaume Socias: Team Leader and Managing Director
Peio Oiz: Innovation Manager. Manages relations between customers and the technical department and provides support on technical pre-sales issues and integration.
Pablo Espuny: Technical Manager
Lucia Escrivano: Helpdesk Manager
Jose Manuel Ramírez: Sales Representative and Coordinator

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