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SmartLock offers greater security for Smart Cities and convenience to the user by giving people and businesses access to an application and lock that will let them control who can really enter their homes/offices, etc. and when. It will also offer them the possibility to register all of this information and be able to control it through the IoT cloud and from mobile devices.

Door locks have existed for well over 2000 years.Now they are more complex and sophisticated but the principle is the same.Locks are effective with designs proving very difficult to pick;but the mechanical lock does have some serious limitations and security issues:

  • To allow access to third parties when absent,we must give them a key or hide it,which can cause security issues;
  • Often,keys are not returned,so locks have to be changed;
  • When keys are returned,how do we know if other keys have been cut?
  • If someone tries to or forces a lock or uses an illegally held key,the administrator has no warning and no record of when it occurred;
  • If keys are lost you have to call a locksmith or force entry;
  • When dealing with more than one property,many keys accumulate and this can become an administrative nightmare.

SmartLock offers greater security and convenience to the user:

  • Administrators can give access to a secure area on a very limited basis without a physical key.SL will communicate with internal devices such as security systems and other internal SLs to control access within this area.A complete record will be given through the IoT cloud.An example:a plumber only given access to the kitchen;
  • Key privileges can be terminated at any time;
  • There is no risk of additional keys existing;
  • nbuilt accelerometers will detect attempted forced entry.Through the IoT cloud,the date and time of the event will be recorded and the administrator will be notified immediately.SL can turn on lights and issue verbal warnings to the perpetrator.
  • SL can be operated with a mobile application.If the mobile device is lost or forgotten,SL can be operated via the IoT cloud using another device or laptop;
  • SL credentials can be reset via the IoT cloud if the control device is stolen or lost;
  • A miniature peep hole camera can identify who is requesting entry.Access can be permitted remotely;
  • An inbuilt microphone and speaker can provide communication between the administrator and the third party.
The Team


user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Maria Dolores OrdóñezMartínez: CEO, experienced in project management with a vast experience in Smart Cities, very enthusiastic and a sports lover who seeks challenges.



any2Tayrne Alexandra Butler: Co-founder of AnySolution, project development, translation, a person who always likes to find the positive side of things and works very hard to achieve her goals.

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