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DeliverMe connects people who need to send a parcel to those who are often travelling and who are able to offer a shipping service by using their private vehicles.
Shipping parcels is a quite common need: it can be done by contracting the services of a professional shipping service rather than travelling in person. Both solutions have some inherent drawbacks: when travelling by car you increase road congestion and air pollution, while professional express services need longer periods to deliver. DeliverMe overcomes these issues by offering a dual solution.
Let’s suppose Bob would like to send flowers to his girlfriend Alice; he will just need to buy the flowers and access the DeliverMe platform, offered both as a website and a smartphone application. He will find lots of people who can deliver the flowers on the way from Bob’s location to where Alice lives. By choosing the right courier, say Carl, on the basis of his requirements (place, travel schedule, reliability, etc.), the sender will contact him to settle the pick-up aspects. Carl will meet Bob, pick up the parcel and deliver it to Alice, tracking the relevant stages in its delivery using the mobile app. Once the parcel is delivered, Carl will receive the agreed fee.
Over the past few years, the sharing economy has given rise to apparently similar solutions. However, DeliverMe differs greatly from them as it applies to the Italian market and involves multi-courier shipping and delivery notification.
Multi-step (and then multi-courier) shipping is a serious challenge: on the one hand it poses security risks, but on the other hand it greatly increases the chances of having a parcel delivered.
As far as delivery notifications are concerned, the system generates a couple of QR codes (convenient as easily readable with a smartphone), one attached to the parcel and another one available to the recipient. When the parcel is delivered, the courier can scan both the codes and then unlock the payment previously made by the sender.

The Team

Maurizio Revolti: CEO with managerial experience leading relevant IT companies

Denis Marzadro: Developer and IT solutions design expert

Lorenzo Zeni: PMP CTO with a thorough knowledge of databases and GIS

Marco Angheben: Developer with an MSc in physics and a strong knowledge of the GIS world

Stefano Giampiccolo: Developer with an MSc in mathematics and lots of innovation foresight

Paolo Mantovan: Programmer working on Alysso projects

Eleonora Tomasi: MSc in economics with professional experience in banking sector

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