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Biz'o'mine City: Taking brands alive in massively multiplayer games (BIZOMINE-CITY)

The video game Biz’o’mine ( gives you the chance to play setting your own business empire.

The characters will guide the players to start their first venture. Then, it is up to them to manage it, get the needed stuff for production, hire the staff they need, adjust their prices and watch out for opportunities to start the next one.

Players get the chance to explore their skills by running their own business in a virtual city modelled on their own, while competing to build the largest business empire.

This project aims at providing Biz’o’mine with the representation of local businesses with their own buildings and products. These buildings can be personalized, going from a customized building colour to a complete image representing the building.

In this way, the players can develop their business empire in a virtual city where the local businesses of the player’s own city are represented.

The Team

Rafael Morón: Co-founder/shareholder and mobility specialist, software engineer with an MBA. Worked formerly for Telefónica I+D, Full On Net.

Raúl Sánchez: Co-founder/shareholder and backend specialist, software engineer with an MBA. Worked formerly for Telefónica I+D, i2, Equifax.

Alberto García: Creativity Director and shareholder with specialisation in industrial design. Worked formerly at Patents and Trademark Office.

Diego Balboa: Service Delivery Specialist and shareholder, telecommunications engineer. Worked formerly for Telefónica I+D, Solid Gear.

Rubén Escalante: QA & mobile developer, specialised in cross-platform development. Worked formerly at Full On Net.

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