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ALFAMICRO was a partner of “Citadel… on the move”, a European Commission funded (CIP ICT PSP) project that developed tools that make it radically easier for non-expert citizens and public servants as well as application developers across Europe to use Open Data and create the kind of innovative mobile applications they want and need.

CODA aims to exploit the market opportunity generated by the significant and rapidly increasing interest in the Citadel Open Data toolkit by consolidating its development and using the FIWARE cloud and enabler technologies as its delivery platform. In this way, the Citadel tools can be offered to the over 8,000 municipal governments of small and medium cities at a highly competitive price, foregoing the need to re-install services and set up a local Open Data portal for each one.

CODA thus captures the opportunity provided by the FIWARE cloud infrastructure to provide local authorities a powerful and customizable tool whereby civil servants, businesses and citizens alike can create their own mobile applications in only a few minutes, using datasets opened and published with Citadel tools. This will increase the impact and benefits for the whole community of opening their data and help fill the gap between large and small cities, making it possible for all to use first class products and make the most out of the information they hold.

The Team

Álvaro Oliveira (CEO) has coordinated a large number of international projects in Europe, Latin America, Africa and China and created more than 20 technology-based companies.
Jesse Marsh is a researcher and service designer active in innovation projects and policies.

Ricardo Stocco is a consultant in R&D European projects related to Open Data in local governments.
Leonardo Alberto Dal Zovo is a senior developer and data manager.

Matteo Venturi is a UX designer and web-mobile developer.

Manuel Nina is an innovation consultant and expert in energy efficiency and open data.

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