On Friday April the 10th and Saturday the 11 th, a Fi Ware Hackathon was held in Florence. The event was organized by Impact, one of the 16 accelerator selected by European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. It consisted in a 24 hours workshop and coding activities for the participants, in order to transform their ideas into tangible, innovative projects utilizing FIWARE technologies. The event involved developers, marketing managers and design, all active contributors for the entire event, who got organized in teams. The marketing manager was responsible for marketing analysis and the preparation of the business plan, the IT person developed the prototype utilizing FIWARE technology, integrating the designer’s graphical interface and user experience design. Each project was been judged by a jury based on three different evaluation criteria and was assigned a score for each of this areas. The total score determined the winner of the hackathon.

The event began with a presentation from the accelerator Impact and a workshop on FIWARE. On this occasion Soul FI was presented to web developers coming form all Europe and mainly Italy. Also the Municipality of Florence attended the event and presented the open data of the City of Florence, and participants used such data directly for their new real time developed projects.