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SOUL-FI Round B2: profile of applicants standard

At the final cut-off date of the SOUL-FI accelerator programme on 30 September, an impressive total of 205 eligible submissions were received. As in the earlier three rounds (A1, A2 and B1), the highest number of applications came from southern European countries, with Italy in top position with 50 candidates, followed by Spain with 41, Portugal 31 and Greece 16. The United Kingdom was in fifth position with 14 applications. Over half of the applicants’ projects focus on “Quality of Life” and “Mobility”, while the rest are working in the tourism, environment, energy and “other” sectors or even multiple sectors. Among the 205 projects, some 85% are promoted by SMEs and 15% by web-entrepreneurs.       In total 66 ...

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SOUL-FI em roadshow standard

Setembro é o mês chave para acelerar. O SOUL-FI Startups Optimizing Urban Life with Future Internet, liderado pelo Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), tem a última call aberta até 30 de setembro. A procura de startups que se encontrem a desenvolver produtos e serviços que procurem melhorar a vida nas cidades e que possam integrar o uso de tecnologias FIWARE não podia estar a correr melhor. No Meetup da semana passada, que decorreu na LINNK, Nuno Varandas, coordenador do SOUL-FI, apresentou todas as aceleradoras FIWARE dando especial atenção ao SOUL-FI. Sergio Garcia, coordenador do FIWARE, explorou esta tecnologia mostrando a facilidade de utilização e as vantagens. As apresentações decorreram num ambiente descontraído com grande interesse por parte dos participantes candidatos ao ...

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The “FIWARE Media & Content Lab” is up and running! image

FIcontent has recently released an online “Lab” to deliver FIWARE Enablers for media and content applications, in order to complement the FIWARE catalogue of Generic Enablers (GEs). This new website, called the “FIWARE Media & Content Lab” addresses the needs of SMEs and developers by means of four support levels: Discover: Access information about the Enablers (Description / Programmer guide / Installation guide / Tutorial / Usage videos / Terms & Conditions / How to get support) Try: Test live demos of Enablers Tweak: Modify and run the Enablers client-side code, in a developer playground Run: Start and monitor instances of Enablers via various SysOp tools (Layered on top of FIWARE Lab, using advanced tools for facilitating usage and deployment) The FIWARE Media & Content Lab is ...

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SOUL-FI Round B1 Results standard

At the first cut-off date in the SOUL-FI Round B Open Call on 30 April, a total of 109 proposals had been received, of which 36 were finally selected for funding. The 109 proposals came from 19 countries, with the majority of web entrepreneur teams coming from southern Europe as in the first two A Rounds. On average each team included between 3 and 10 persons. Just under half of the proposals (49) had also participated in the SOUL-FI Round A Open Call.       As far as the breakdown of Smart Cities sub-domains is concerned, the proposals covered the spectrum quite evenly with 8% of projects in the tourism and resources domains, 10% in energy, 13% in quality ...

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Success cases from Soul FI standard

1) CASE 1 Interview with Mario Criado Briz, Project Manager at Globales Informática of Sergovia, Spain Globales is an SME that has been developing comprehensive solutions since 1999. Its key distinguishing features as a technology company are its products and services (software development, web pages, virtualization, networks and cloud services), as well its highly experienced professional team. In recent years, their work has focused on the development of a planning software, which integrates an intelligent engine to solve problems. Q) How did you first hear about the SOUL-FI accelerator project? MCB) We became aware of the SOUL-FI project thanks to the dissemination efforts of ADE Castilla & León, here in Spain. It was through its newsletter and a personal invitation ...

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