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SOUL-FI Team Thanks standard

We, the SOUL-FI team, want to thanks also ourselves for all the effort and the passion put in every thing we did, we started as a group of professionals working together for our dear Europe and we ended being friends working to support the European territory. Instituto Pedro Nunes Team: Carlos Bento (Coordinator), Nuno Varandas , Susana Lourenço , Mónica Ferreira,  Carlos Cerqueira , Jorge Pimenta, João Nogueira, Miguel Laginha, Ricardo Vitorino, Alcides Marques, Gouveia Leal, José Ricardo "We just hope that SOUL-FI was the beginning of a long journey for all the companies that work with us! Good luck and do not forget us when you become an Unicorn! :)" Carlos Bento Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione Team: Andrea Arnone (President), Alessandro Monti, Marco Scerbo, ...

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Have you ever thought about crowdfunding to accelerate your growth? image

We are still looking, together with MyMicroInvest, for innovative projects that need funding. MyMicroinvest, as part of the SOUL-FI team, offers SOUL-FI startups a free crowdfunding campaign (for a limited time) which enables you to raise funds through the MMI crowdfunding platform. They already met with a couple of exciting SOUL-FI projects in Delft two weeks ago. MyMicroInvest helps companies boost their growth plans by combining professional investors and the power of the crowd. This enables you to access a network of advisors, entrepreneurs and investors while raising funds and creating a big buzz. It is a fast growing equity and loan based crowdfunding platform which enables companies to raise money in all 28 countries of the European Union.or you can get in touch ...

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City of Things: SOUL-FI final event in Delft video

A special event was organized at TU Delft on 21-22 June to mark the end of activities of the EU-sponsored FP7 project Startups for Optimizing Urban Life (SOUL-FI). The event was packed with activities that allowed the participants to learn about the interrelations between smart cities, Internet of Things and city making, and hear more about the results and achievements of FIWARE, the A16 FIWARE accelerator programme in general and SOUL-FI in particular. The SOUL-FI startups met with investors and cities to discuss their projects and products and had many opportunities to network with each other. In parallel, a Hackathon on the energy performance of homes was organized in order to explore some of the more daring concepts in the ...

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FIWARE Bounty Program – Kick-off standard

The FIWARE Bounty Program announced today its kick-off . The Bounty Program was created with the goal to engage external contributors to the development of new FIWARE Open Source technologies. New technologies developed by developers and security researchers, that will improve security, performance and quality, will be encouraged and rewarded. The FIWARE Bounty Program is organized in two different set of Bounties: Permanent Bounties: general purpose tasks which will be permanently open and subject to a bounty at any time during the duration of the program Temporary Bounties: specific tasks issued through calls with closed deadlines, focus on improvements in FIWARE products – first deadline is July 15th Further information at: Application forms: o Permanent Bounty: o Temporary Bounty: ...

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  On 27-28 April two SOUL-FI training workshops were held back-to-back in parallel with the TII annual conference in Barcelona. This was an opportunity for 12 Soul-Fi’ers, who have received funding from the SOUL-FI accelerator to develop a Smart City app or service, to receive coaching from innovation support professionals to assist with the management or marketing side of their business. The first day’s training was provided by TII member, Magnus Klofsten, father of the Business Platform method, who helped the start-ups to assess the 8 critical cornerstones of their business (idea, product, market, organisational development, core group expertise, prime mover & commitment, customer relations and other relations). In the process, this helped the companies to understand better which areas of ...

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