During the last MWC, the European Commission with the Enterprise Europe Network offered to  meet 20 SMEs AEInnova-heatR-5that have won the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument grant – an EU funding scheme aiming to create an “Innovation Hub” of top highly competitive SMEs in Europe.

Alternative Energy Innovations (AEInnova) , is a double granted European Comission SME,  with its SME instrument and with Soulfi Fiware acceleration program.

AEinnova has presented in this international event, a novel technology as a result of fusioning Energy harvesting, Wireless Sensor Network and Fiware bigdata, in one product,  allowing an innovation Industry 4.0 application.

With a simple device, completely powered by waste heat, is possible to apply any sensor, process and communicate any critical data, in  real-time. No battery or external power is needed.  All this data is processed in real time by Fiware, allowing a complete monitoring tool in you hand. Every single wired meter in the industry costs around 50€. Considering that all big industry (refinery, chemical, cement, etc) have thousands of wiring for communication, now it’s possible to reduce up to 90% the wiring and monitoring cost of your industry. AEinnova has made it possible.